Sunday, November 21, 2010

Afternoon Research: Is My Kid Smoking Pot? (.com)

The essential site for concerned parents--

Introduction: Is my kid smoking pot?
Chances are, if you've found this website, you're already asking yourself, Is my kid smoking pot? Rummaging through their personal belongings without anything more than parent's intuition will immediately alienate you from your teenager. With a better understanding of the signs, paraphernalia, and activities of a typical pot-smoker, it may be easier to relate to your teenager about their use of marijuana and approach him or her for a discussion. Our website incorporates the experiences of former teenage marijuana users in an attempt to provide parents with enough current information to be credible. This website is dedicated to providing a realistic, up-to-date look at the signs, symptoms, and possible proof that may answer the question once and for all, is my kid smoking pot?

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Friday, November 12, 2010

Morning Research: Tar

In Finland wood tar was once considered a panacea reputed to heal "even those cut in twain through their midriff". A Finnish proverb states that if sauna, vodka and tar won't help, the disease is fatal.